10 abril, 2018

ELSA Game of Thrones MCC

What is the ELSA GoT MCC?

The ELSA Game of Thrones Moot Court Competition (ELSA GoT MCC) is a simulated court proceeding inspired in the famous George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels and the HBO TV show Game of Thrones. Teams prepare and analyse a fictive criminal law case and present their arguments both for the Prosecutor and the Defendant in front of a jury that consists of reputed professors and experts. The competition will be held in the University Pompeu Fabra (Campus Ciutadella) and it is opened to any law students interested.

  • Teams of 2-4 law students.
  • Teams will be assigned a case and they will have to prepare the argumentation of both positions: Prosecutor and Defendant.
  • The competition takes form as an Oral Procedure, where teams will have to litigate in front of a jury in representation of the Prosecutor or the Defendant.
  • The competition will be held in
  • The aim is to enhance knowledge of criminal law and legal procedures as well as developing professional skills such as legal argumentation and public speaking.
  • Registration Fee: 8€ ELSA members / 12 € non-members

Why taking part in ELSA Got MCC?

Mooting has been a part of the process of training law students for centuries and plays an important role in legal education. Although it shares some common elements with public speaking or debating is not the same as these activities. It is a specialised application of the art of persuasive advocacy in a simulation of a court proceeding.

Participating in the ELSA GoT MCC would be a dynamic and fun approach to the world of Moot Court Competitions. It is a great opportunity to learn how Moot Courts work, as well as to improve your criminal law knowledge and develop your legal skills while having fun in a Game of Thrones inspired world.


  • The winner team will be awarded with day tickets for Port Aventura Park
  • Best speaker and the team with the most original costume will also receive a special prize.
  • Every participant will receive a Diploma regarding their participation in the Moot Court Competition.

Organisation Committee

Head OC

Laura Piñol Lindin

Assumes overall responsibility for the project, and is responsible for the coordination of the competition and of the OC.

Responsible of Logistics

Júlia Puy i Canut

Management of practical and material aspects of the competition.


Responsible of the Participants

Clara Cambra Agustí

Responsible of the inscriptions, contact and assistance to the teams.


Responsible of the Case

Ignacio García-Perrote Martínez

Drafting of the case, rules, scores system and the documents presented to the participants.


*The OC works with the assistance and support of the other areas of ELSA Barcelona UPF, especially Academic Activities, Marketing and Treasury.


In order to participate, fill the following registration form. 

For more information, consult the following documents: