14 marzo, 2021



The International Court of Justice Moot Court Competition 

What is a Moot Court?

A Moot Court is an extracurricular activity at many law schools in which participants take part in simulated court proceedings, involving drafting memorials or memoranda and/or participating in oral argumentation. Its aim is to connect the theory and the practice while practicing legal discussions between law students in front of a tribunal.

This type of Competition is known worldwide as the best preparatory exercise that students and future jurists can have. It allows these to acquire legal knowledge, as well as to prepare and instruct them so that they can develop properly and successfully in the courts, practice gestures, public speaking, and likewise, it gives them confidence and intellectual agility. Within the academic trajectory of future jurists, we find few events that strengthen such skills and, nevertheless, are crucial for their professional life.

What is the International Court of Justice Moot Court Competition (ICJMCC)?


The International Court of Justice Moot Court Competition (hereinafter ‘ICJMCC’) will be a competition involving a fictional dispute between to states before the International Court of Justice, according to the rules of public international law. 

The edition in 2021 will be the first edition of the ICJMCC and will be co-organized by ELSA Barcelona – UPF and UNSA Barcelona, which have formed an organizing committee responsible of ensuring the correct development of the competition 

The case of the first edition will involve two issues:

  •  The legal considerations of sexual violence (rape and forced prostitution) in the context of an armed conflict, from the perspective of international human rights law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law (torture, crimes against humanity and war crimes).
  • The exercise of universal jurisdiction and its relation to the immunity from criminal jurisdiction of a Minister for Foreign Affairs. 

Estructure of the ICJMCC

During the Competition, the different teams will have to orally argue on behalf of the states parties to de dispute, being either Applicant or Respondent in each round.

The Competition will have just an oral stage (no memorials will have to be submitted). The competition will consist of: 

  • Preliminary rounds, consisting of oral pleadings with a maximum of 8 teams.
  • Semi-final, consisting of oral pleadings with 4 teams.
  • Final, consisting of oral pleadings with 2 teams.


The Competition shall be developed in English and will take place at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). The competition will take place during the 10th and 14th of May.

  • Judges: the organizing committee will select distinguished teachers, lawyers and others experts of the field of international law and mooting to create the tribunals, which will be formed by 3 judges on each round.
  • Participants: Any person pursuing a law degree may participate in the ICJMCC, although each team is allowed to have a non-law student.
  • Teams: Each team must be composed of two to four members. Individual applications are also admitted, and in this case the organizing committee will form teams with those who have presented an individual inscription.  
  • Fee: The fee for the competition will be the following
    • ELSA or UNSA members: 15 euros (10 the inscription fee + 5 of deposit*)
    • Non-ELSA and non-UNSA members: 20 euros (15 of the inscription fee + 5 of deposit*)

* They will be returned at the end of the competition if the team does not cancel its participation. 

  • Credits: the Participants of the ICJMCC will obtain 2 Credits.



The International Court of Justice Moot Court Competition 






For doubts or queries:

secretaria@unsa mootcourt.barcelonaupf@es.elsa.org

How to register

To register, the team must complete the available form, pay the team's fee of 10 or 15 euros, depending on whether they are members of ELSA / UNSA or not, plus the 5 euros deposit in both cases, and send the receipt to tresoreria@unsabarcelona.org and secretaria@unsabarcelona.org within a maximum period of 48 hours after payment.

In the concept of the transfer to the UNSA UPF account number IBAN: ES03 1491 0001 2021 6642 9528.